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FreeAgent and Mettle

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Golf FreeAgent Partners On Cloud 9 Accounting

Free, that's right Free! FreeAgent.

You can get the FreeAgent Bookkeeping Software for free when you open a mettle. bank account.

We are FreeAgent Golg partners, teh number 1 small business Accounting Software.

Free FreeAgent with mettle.

mettle. is owned by NatWest and is a challenger bank designed to be internet only. This is what mettle. say about why you should go with them "We're on a mission to give you the freedom to run your business"

  • Mettle is free – seriously, it's 100% free

  • Apply in minutes from the app

  • Send and receive UK payments

  • UK account number and sort code

  • Support from real people when you need it

We also know mettle. is faster to set up than traditional banks so you can be up and running with a bank account and FreeAgent within a day. We love FreeAgent for Small business, it the perfect Accounting and Business system built to help the user. It’s the easiest Accounting software to learn and we can have you raising invoices within an hour. Sign up for a mettle. Account here.

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