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Switch to On Cloud 9 Accounting

Switch Accountants

It's easy to switch to us.


In 5 simple steps, you will be under our wings.


The transfer is designed to be as easy as possible with you having to send 1 email, pass on a letter from HMRC and sign our contract. 

Switch steps

Step 1>

Following conversations and a meeting you agree to join On Cloud 9 Accounting, thank you.

Step 2>

We onboard you into the practice, a couple of forms to prove who you are. this is for MLS, Money Laundering purposes and finally, signature of our e-contract. That's it we are ready to transfer you.

Step 3>

You send an email to your current Accountant and introduce us as your new ones, simply say you have decided to move and we are the new ones and please hand over everything they have. We will take over from there.

If you owe them money, your account will have to be clear before the transfer begins.

Step 4>

We will send a Professional Clearance letter and get all the info we need to do your accounts.

Step 5>, the final one

We will apply to HMRC to become your tax agent for VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax, To confirm you are happy with this you will receive a letter with a code from HMRC, simply pass on the code to us.

We are Go to Go!

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