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Company Car or Van

Can I have a Company Car?

One of the most popular questions we get.

If you are in the trades, a van is no problem

A Car is a far more complicated question; It's down to the Car.

Company Cars and Vans

A Company Car

One of the biggest questions from a Director is, can I have a company car?

Yes, you can have anything as long as you are happy paying the tax on it and the Company.

Company cars are taxed personally and on the business+9, subject to government Eco Rules on vehicles, like Zero-emission vehicles.

The exception is a Commercial Vehicle, vehicles used in your daily business, e.g., a plumber, and there is no tax on the individual.


Commercial Vehicles


A Company van for a plumber is 100% tax-free; all costs are tax-deductible inclusive of fuel on the Company.

If you get a van and your, say an Accountant, the costs of running the Van are tax-deductible, but you pay £3,500 BIK, + 20% = £700 and Fuel - £669 @ 20% £134

The above is subject to Employer National Insurance 13.8%


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