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Virtual Finance Director

Virual Finance Director On Cloud 9

A Virtual Finance Director, all the access without the Cost

Need a Finance Director but can’t afford the £75k salary, then a Virtual Finance Director is perfect for you.

A real-time sounding board to support your ideas/decisions with sold numbers.

Leave you free to focus on the business, not the daily finances

What is a Virtual Finance Director? (VFD)

  • A VFD is a Finance expert who provides you with all the financial help that an inhouse director would; however, they are based in your business, so you don’t have to pay for the 100% of the time in your organisation

  • All their duties are managed remotely from our offices in Chichester; think of them as part-time. However, you have access to 24/7 support and guidance.


What does a VFD do?

  • Manage your virtual finance functions, from the Bookkeeper up to Management accountants.

  • Provide you with a financial sounding board, a different perspective, give you confidence that decisions are financially sound

  • Regular meeting to discuss how to improve the business

  • Bring insight to you like cash-flow forecast, product and price analysis and budgeting

  • Cash flow is king, without manage 80%+ of small businesses go bust

  • Financial and Tax planning, not just for the business but you too


The benefit of a VFD

  • No overhead, desk, PC, Employer NI, and Pension, as well as sickness and holiday making them very, cost-efficient

  • Ability to scale up, as you grow, you can utilise more of the VFD resource, an expensing help with no upfront expenditure

  • You don’t have to be big to get the benefit of a VFD, no need to hire one part-time

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