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FreeAgent - Gold Partners

On Cloud 9 Accounting Freeagent gold partner

We are Gold Partners

We have been with FreeAgent since they began some 10+ years ago.


With over 100 small businesses on FreeAgent, we are experts in it.


And it can be Free!


Call to find out about it.

​How is FreeAgent it Free?






FreeAgent is free, yes free if you open either a NatWest or mettle. Bank Account. 

Each account comes with a free FreeAgent licence, saving you £348 per annum!

​As Gold Partners, why do we use FreeAgent online accounting software?

​We use FreeAgent as it is an Online Accounting platform that enables us to communicate with you in real-time.

We recommend FreeAgent for all our small customers because of the benefits it delivers to their business; you can access your books anytime, anywhere and anyplace.

For the first time, you will be able to see your Year End Accounts in real-time; no longer do you have to wait until your accountant has done them eight months after the year has ended!

With our help, you will know what VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax you owe, and you can plan for it by saving as you go along, no more shocks from the Taxman.

FreeAgent is easy to use

It was built by business people for business people, not just accountants.

It has a simple interface that makes it easy for you.

FreeAgent Features

FreeAgent is packed full of small business features

  • Create invoice, on-site or back at home

  • Mobile app with many of the standard functions

  • Collect expenses real-time using the App

  • Create Estimates and add bills

  • Track your time on a project to ensure proper billing

  • Simple payroll engine perfect for Director only payrolls

  • Projects, track your income and expenditure along with time on each of your projects

Why use cloud software?

Having the software in the cloud has many benefits, from not having to update your software to not worrying about your computer getting stolen and losing all your data.

It means that you can access your data almost anywhere, with any device that has a web browser. It means that you can invoice from your phone while on a client’s site or take a photo of a receipt and send it to the software in a few seconds when you are on the road rather than trying to keep three months’ worth of receipts in your purse while you wait for a convenient time to do the books.

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