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Your Home Office

As a director, you spend much time working at home, your home office, where it be the spare room, lounge, garage, or garden shed, it’s all tax-deductible against your Corporation Tax and Claimable as an expense for you

Home Office

As a director you spend a lot of time working at home, your home office could be a spare room or simple the lounge sofa it’s all tax-deductible

A Home Office is whether you work

  • Spend 2 hours a night in your lounge

  • Use the spare room 90% of the time as an office

  • Converted your garage to an office used 95% of the time as an office


These are all allowable expenses as a home office.


Firstly, without doing any calculations, you can claim £6pw to work from home, even if what you do is answer your emails on your phone




A Home office Calculator will calculate what percentage of your house cost is your home office; this can add up to £1,000’s

The expenses you can claim are rent/mortgage interest, gas and electric, rates, insurance, and even a gardener. All costs relating to the running of your house are claimable.

Home off expenses can be claimed by you, tax-free; they are also allowable for Corporation Tax.


To claim a home office above the standard £6 per week allowance, you need a contract between yourself and the business. (No impact on your house ownership)


We can create this contract and save you £1,000’s in tax.


We can write your lease and get you back £1,000's in expenses

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