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Our Personal Tax Accountant can file your Self-Assessment

Whether you are a tradesperson property holder our just a director with Dividends we can file your self-assessment.

Self-Assessment filing

Your Tax return has to be filed by 31st January to ovoid fines from HMRC

Last year xxx were late costing £xxm!

Who Has to File a Self-Assessment?

You have to file a tax return if

  • You are Self Employed, like a plumber

  • You earn more than £1,000 from work outside PAYE, like a part-time designer

  • You get benefits from your employer, e.g. company car, medical insurance

  • You are a Company Director unless you earn only wages

  • You earn more than £100,000

  • If you rent out properly and earn more than £2,500

  • You have received income from savings, investments and/or property

  • You have sold as an asset like an antique painting

  • You receive Child Benefit and your income is over £50,000

Penalties if you are late

Late filing is not cheap!

Miss the 31st Jan and it is £100

3 months late and it's £10 per day up to £900!

Beyond that and your looking t the maximum penalties of 5% of the tax due

What if you can't afford your tax bill?

HMRC are not that bad, they will offer you a "payment plan"

You can pay your tax bill over 6 to 9 months

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